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Hi Everybody,
My name is Steve, and i am from England, i am a professional online English teacher, and i have taught students from around the world for over 15yrs, i have taught in many countries, so i have a lot of experience.
I am a very friendly person, but i am also professional, and i have the patience and techniques to help anyone at any level.
I teach basic/advanced English, intelligent conversational classes and i have a lot of experience with young students in around the world, and i also include training classes for international qualification preparations (such as, i.e.l.t.s, Fce, Sats etc)
if you are interested in meeting me and talking more, i offer students an introductory 15 min introductory class for free, so any students that are interested in taking classes with me, let me know,
I can provide references if needed.
Thank you ,
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