merk ilmoit suosikiks French lessons "à la minute" via Skype or email, coaching of writing piilota tämä ilmoitus tuo esiin - French lessons online - Jean-Robert, French teacher
30 euros/h., 60+ LinkedIn recommendations, 25+ y. experience, univ. training, native speaker -
Save money and time, hire a professional French tutor.
I am specialized in online French courses via Skype and by email.
My goal : to allow people with very little time to go on nevertheless with learning and practising French.
All is designed to be effective, fun, motivating without stress added.
I am totally flexible. I work 7 days a week, 365 days a year from 6 am to 11pm.
I offer hyperflexible French Skype lessons billed by the minute (0.8 euro/min.) so you just pay for the time you have, for the time you are really prepared for. Last minute booking possible, no fine for last minute cancellation.
I also offer classical French Skype lessons (30 euros/hour). Set frequency of at least 1 hour/week and lesson billed if cancelled less than 24 hours before.
I offer two audiovisual courses (one for adults, one for teenagers) that I send by email and that allow you to learn French by watching videos about French popular culture (movies, songs, sketches, etc.) (10 euros/issue)
I offer a coaching method to improve your written skills in French, convinced that this exercise also impact greatly the oral performance by developing autocorrection and attention skills.
Please visite my site : www or my LinkedIn profile ( and contact me : frenchminute(at)
Watch my video (in French with subtitles) :
A bientôt !
Jean-Robert Lebrun
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