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It's time to learn a cool language cause everyone you know already speaks Spanish


Who We Are: Russians living in Russia offering low-cost Russian lessons


What we do for individuals:
As working professionals in a non-Russian speaking country, it can be hard to find the time to
learn or to practice your Russian.
As a student it can be useful to get quick advice regarding writing or language used in assignments from a reputable source.

Who doesn't speak Spanish French or German? Seriously, learn something that will actually give you some sort of edge, like Super cool Russian

XLYourRussian is available to help you
in any situation and to help you to develop your own Russian language skills.

Lessons; Beginners - Upper Intermediate; We will go through a course together, you will have homework and practice, all resources will be provided (50 min classes)

10, 20, 30 minute conversational calls to practice your Russian during a busy day (are you a
business owner? Why not offer it to your employees!)

Quick consultations regarding Russian grammar and sentences (writing a paper and need
simple advice on how to phrase something? )

How it's done: Classes can be by Skype, Zoom Whatsapp, Viber or any of your desired platforms. Payments should be made by Paypal or

1, 50 min lesson - $10.00
1 a week, 4x a month - $35.00

10 min - $1.50
20 min - $3.00
30 min - $ 4.00
If you want to book more than 1 class at a time we can offer a discount depending on number of minutes and number of classes desired.


Hear your speaking improve, See the difference in your conversation and Taste success.
Please send an email and respond to this add with questions, or to sign up.

Not going to sign up? Then why did you click on the ad?
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