märk ann. som favorit Kaarle XII, Wish I had asked for your name last night (Helsinki) dölj den här annonsen visa

I may have been the only american at Kaarle XII last night and I wish you had been the only person there. I danced with your friend who was blond with short wavy hair she was so kind to dance with me and I enjoyed it. But then when I danced with you and I looked in your eyes there was a fire there I cannot forget. The more I looked in your eyes the more I wanted to know anything about you. But we never spoke on the dance floor. You are a beautiful lady, with dark hair, tan complexion, wore white dangling earings, with some black stud earrings. I spoke with you at the end of the night as I thought your idea to bring normal shoes to replace the heels was a good idea. I wasnt certain if the gentleman you were with was a boyfriend or not but you were both nice and I thanked you both for the evening. I would love to write with you to know who you are or at the very least know the name of the woman I will never forget.
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