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What's up Craigslist!? This message is for all the amazing hard hitting drummers out there. We're also interested in connecting with Rehearsal/Recording Studios, Labels, Producers, Managers, Music Stores and Distributors who want the best cymbals possible for the best price!

Gio Cymbals is a new cymbal brand gaining popularity because of their awesome sound and design. Our cymbals can be played HARD and have heavier weights with bigger bells for the best sound and durability possible. Powerful drummers know that even with proper technique, hitting normal cymbals very hard like they want will cause them to break. This is why Gio Cymbals are different! They're designed to be hit hard and have the perfect modern sound that's great for any music. They're currently manufactured in partnership with Soultone Cymbals and are handmade in Turkey using our special requirements to make an outstanding cymbal for modern drummers that prefer to play with force. As John Bonham from Led Zeppelin once said "drums are meant to be hit, not tickled... hit 'em as hard as you can."

The entire Gio Cymbals catalog is masterfully designed by drummer Ryan Gio from the ground up to have the perfect balance of weight and bell size for maximum impact, strength and a truly impressive musical sound. They also feel wonderful when played due to how they are made and what they are made of and will hold up to the heaviest hitters drumming behind the kit. Gio Cymbals are also incredibly dynamic and can get very loud!

If you're interested in becoming an endorsed artist, email näytä yhteystiedot using "Your Name - Artist Profile" as the subject line. Include as much information with links to your best media as you can. We're looking for drummers that will help grow our brand and make it well-known in the world. We need the hardest hitting drummers out there to spread the word about Gio Cymbals where ever possible and increase our brand's exposure. If you can help with this tell us how, we'd love to work together!

The Gio Cymbals catalog and videos of the 20" Gio Crash -

We're looking forward to hearing from all the exceptional drummers out there that are frustrated with how today's cymbals are currently made and who want the best. Wishing you the greatest, rock on!
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