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I am a female Taiwanese American English/Mandarin teacher and writer, looking to stay in Helsinki for 1 to 3 months (up till mid Oct.) I'm based in New York, and have taught in community colleges in the U.S.

I believe in living simply and lightly on earth and experiencing all cultures as fully as possible. So I don't need much creature comfort when it comes to housing and prefer saving money for travels and activities. I've had various arrangements when I travel: staying in someone's living room (on a couch or the floor), house-sitting, or teaching languages for a lower rent. As long as it's a safe and friendly environment I'm happy. I can also pay full rent if it's in my budget.

The only thing I need is Wireless Internet access for my work (I write at home sometimes). I love animals but sadly have an allergy, so have to go with a pet-free environment. I am a non-smoker, neat and clean, a home-vegan and love to cook or eat raw. A big conversationalist who has lived in many countries, I've been both a landlord and a tenant; I know how to be a great roommate. I make wherever I stay a home, with warmth and care.

If you have an arrangement that may suit me, please let me know. It will be really helpful if you can specify the arrangement, how much for a month all inclusive (utilities and wi-fi), and why you might be interested in such a less-than conventional accommodation. Thanks and good luck with your own search.
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