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Ι was born and raised in Greece and currently I reside in one of its most unique islands.
Observing the tourist industry, I come to the conclusion that tourists do not take the experience which they have been promised. To name a few: culture, tradition, breathtaking natural landscapes, crystal seas, etc. 

Tourist industry has evolved with emphasis to leisure, as this is what the average tourist wants, after a year-long of hard work. Justifiably, as it is an industry and their main goal is the maximization of profit. However, they are not giving what the tourists fundamentally desire. 

To discover and connect with a new world.

 You, as a tourist, will pass most of your time in a luxurious hotel, with a technical modified environment, offering services that can be easily used without passing the borders of your country. The beaches near hotels are definitely not natural, as they are designed to be full of tourists. We can imagine that they are not the best ones. Crystal Seas? Well, it's more like Crystal pools, and the pool experience is ok.
About Culture, for the most time you will interact with other tourists from your hotel or your group. The locals whom you interact will be working in their jobs. The friendliest of them are the ones who work in PR for restaurants and bars. You will hear beautiful words and see wide smiles, but I doubt about the genuineness of their friendly intentions and I bet in the professionalism of their work. For me this is not a genuine approach of a culture. 

With the above being said, what a tourist is looking for, isn't located in the walls of a five-star hotel. I agree that this is comfortable and relaxing, but this is not what you seek. 

The aesthetic beauty is out there, and I am willing to show it to you. 

I can be your guide in this journey:

-Discover secret jewels of this land and the colorful untouched environments

-Explore the picturesque villages and various historical sights

-Have a taste of the local cuisine in chosen traditional taverns

-Dance in Traditional social gatherings or (and) night-clubbing or (and) just enjoying our time dancing
bachata or tango next to a beach till the first or late sun rays.

*Booking? Don't worry, you are free to stay at my home if you want. 

However, the above services are just the tip of the iceberg. 
First and foremost, I am going to be your companion. My capacity to understand and connect with people, has given me the ability to see the true beauty in them (or vice versa :P). 
The moments which I share with them becomes my addiction, and the creation of their smile my passion. As an advocate of deep conversations and promoter of pure expressions, I am looking forward to these experiences.

The starting point, will be our initial online conversation. This connection will be the basis of knowing each other. People are different, as are their individual goals. 
So, I am going to adapt my services according to your needs and expectations for your holidays. My end goal is to get what you want from this adventure, with the creation of your ideal holidays plan. 

If you 're on it, let's do it!


Dates: I am available all the way from the beginning of August until Mid-October
(Off-Season? As long as we are together, nothing else matters. The party is where we are) 

Compensation: A standard fee for my services (100 Euro per day) + all of our expenses during your stay 

Under the current circumstances the package is designed for 1 person, maximum 2, as I can not host more than 2 people in my house. If you are willing to stay in a hotel, then I will be more than happy to share the group experience with you. 

Note: I am into deep conversations and mutual connection. I do not offer sexual services.
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